The selling and buying of timber is built upon trust

  • We have, after many years, built up well established relationships with sawmills and the market.
  • We offer sawn and further manufactured goods purpose made for various requirements, e.g
    • door-, windows- and furniture manufacture
    • finger-jointed, precision-cut material for the joinery and construction industries.
    • laminated panels, glue-lam, flooring
  • We have excellent transport facilities and can offer a range of alternative deliveries.
  • We offer specially sawn sizes, graded and dried to the customer's requirements.

Timber agent with a long and stable history

  • Our professional and experienced personnel have a wealth of knowledge of timber trading.
  • We market timber goods on all the well known markets.
  • We set great store by developing continuing business relationships.
  • We see to it that the goods are delivered at the right time and that transportation is made in the best possible way to avoid damage.
  • We organize and arrange freight.